Thursday, 19 January 2012

A New Start

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

I have been playing games on and offline since the early to mid eighties, and came to MMORPG's by the way of the 800 pound gorilla in the corner of the room, namely World of Warcraft.  A while back to try to breathe life back into a game I had been playing nigh on five years I decided to start a character from scratch and level it. All the while blogging about the experience.  And so the Earle Project was born (, sadly that and WoW did not hold my interest.  But with a new game interest and a rejuvenated need to write, you guessed it, Rifting the Trip is born, berthed, cast flopping on to the unforgiving shore that is teh Interwebs.

As before the blog will chronicle my leveling of a character through the content the game has to offer, and as a bonus you get to listen to my opinion on MMO's and gaming in general.

I will be introducing the character in the next post, but it will be a defiant one, no mistakin'.

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