Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Likable Rogue

"Well don't say I didn't warn you..."

Lets all say a big hello to "Turec" the Barmy... er I mean Bhami Rogue

Now a few people that know me are probably thinking "oh yeah here we go again with the female character".  Well in this case I really like this look for characters in Rift :

I did start out in World of Warcraft leveling a night elf hunter and given I had played Warcraft 3 I had to make a Sentinel.  As we lore nerds know these are females.  Don't worry eventually I will stop talking about the 800 pound gorilla.  But the idea of a really big, muscular stealth or ranged character is appealing.

I am going to level the Marksman, Ranger and Riftstalker souls, I just love that teleport, and will see how it goes.  The main thing is I enjoy this character look,  I tried leveling a Guardian Cleric, but that was as fun for me as watching Crick.. I mean paint drying.

So with my trusty Boar beast thing by my side I will soon be plunging into the "head down lets get out of the start zone as soon as possible" phase.  Ah but that is another post.

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